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How we create the best accountancy website possible for your firm

When planning how to create the very best websites for accountants, our three main aims are to:

  1. make it easy for Google to find,
  2. provide visitors with engaging content they can understand, and
  3. prompt visitors to leave their details with you for follow-up.

Getting potential clients to your website is half the battle – the other half is persuading them to leave their details with you.

The skill we offer accounting clients – our unique selling point – is that we have the ability to describe the complex services you offer in a simple way.

On every page we write for your website, the visitor will be able to clearly understand the value of the services and insight that you and your practice provides to its clients.

That’s particularly important because, if a visitor doesn’t see how what you do will benefit them, there’s no reason for them to get in touch with you.

We explain our approach to building brand new websites for accountants in detail further down on this page but, if you’re in a hurry, we’ve summarised our service below.

Our websites for accountants service

More Than Words’ team of SEO experts, programmers, copywriters, and designers will build your brand new website to the following guidelines:

1. Persuasive and engaging accountants’ website content

  • pages explaining in plain English the standard services you offer to clients,
  • content which showcases the experience and expertise of you and your staff and the history of your practice, and
  • sections with extended content designed to sell your higher value services.

2. Optimised for visitors and for search engines

Your website will be programmed and structured in such a way that it’s:

  • easy for visitors to find the information they want and
  • easy for Google to index it correctly so it achieves the high possible ranking.
  • fast-loading (we’ll also design AMP versions of each page)

3. Modern and efficient design

We produce websites with elegant, minimalist, unfussy designs so that the important information we want to get across is never obscured.

The design we create for you will also be responsive so that your website appears correctly and looks great on desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

Find out more about our websites for accountants service

What are the commercial and revenue goals for your practice in the next 12-24 months?

Do you see investment in a new website as a significant factor in achieving those goals?

Get in touch with us to discuss what you want from your new website and we’ll come back with a content structure, a quote, and a timescale.

To contact our website design for accountants team, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us by clicking here.

Accountant websites – the benefits of high quality website copywriting and design

Most websites for accountants don’t explain in plain English the benefits of the services being offered

Prospective clients now often select the accountants they choose to work with based upon the quality of information provided on their website and on other channels like social media.

This is a new type of marketing called “inbound marketing” and it’s all done online.

We know that word-of-mouth is still important in finding new accounting clients.

However, the people who hear about your firm by word of mouth will still likely visit your website and do background research on you first before they decide to get in touch with you.

And it’s often the language on accountants’ websites which is the biggest barrier preventing a visitor from making contact.

It’s hard for clients to understand just what you do

The way that buyers interact with suppliers is undergoing a profound shift.

Clients are now more inclined to work with firms which provide them with actionable and usable information even before they’ve got in touch with you.

Many of our accounting customers have described to us a time when they told their client about something they did which saved them money.

However, when explaining to their client how they’ve done what they’ve done, those accountants told us that their client’s eyes begin to glaze over pretty quickly.

Their clients lost interest because it’s hard to explain what you do without using accounting-speak.

As a result, the explanation goes over their client’s head and their client really doesn’t appreciate what you did for them.

This is a missed opportunity for an accountant to show their value to their client.

And every time someone visits your website and they are either confused or bored by what they read, that’s another missed opportunity.

Accountants’ websites need to provide potential clients with plain English, jargon-free, useful content of value to them

If the copy on your website is complex and uses a lot of jargon, a potential client will not continue reading past the point where they’ve become confused.

Any unfamiliar word or overcomplicated sentence will, more often than not, result in the back button being pressed or clicked.

What’s on your website should be written for the layperson wanting help.

Clients want to know what you can do – they’re not that interested in how you do it.

The copy on your website should promise value and deliver it simply

If someone visits your website looking for information on…

  • something they need now or
  • they might need in three months’ time

…but they don’t understand what they’re reading, they’ll just find another accountant whose website copy makes sense to them.

Some of your visitors will not be ready to get in touch with you straight away.

But that’s OK because this is a future client whose interest can be incubated by the content on your website.

Make sure that your copy is so understandable and helpful that these future clients either:

  • bookmark your site,
  • sign up to your email newsletter, and
  • follow you on social media.

If you do that, they’re very likely to come back to you when they’re ready for help.

For each of the pages we create for your website, we always invite contact and give a reason to get in touch.

Accountant websites – FAQ on design and copywriting

Potential clients search for specific information before they search for accountant firms.

The way we select and write which services pages appear on your website is governed by:

  • the actual services you offer and
  • how potential clients search for those services.

For example, “cash flow and financial planning” is searched for less than 10 times a month in the UK.

Splitting this into two pages – “cash flow planning” and “business financial planning” is searched for 1,390 times.

In this case, there’s far greater benefit to your practice by building two pages instead of one.

People buy people first and, with a service as critical as accountancy, the relationship with a potential client starts online and through the copy/text on your website.

Let us demonstrate your practice’s expertise and the experience of your partners and employees by using friendly and accessible language which removes the linguistic barrier which stops many clients from getting in touch with you.

More Than Words employs in-house design, SEO professionals, and UX experts all of whom would appreciate the opportunity to work on your new website.

Underpinning our approach is that a visitor should never be more than one or two pages away from the information they need and that finding that page should be logical and intuitive.

To break down what each person working on your website does:

  • Website lead – the person who liaises with you and with the team working on your website
  • Copywriters – the people who write the text and many of the Google-optimisation elements for your website
  • Designers – the people who control the way your website looks on each platform (desktop, mobile, laptop, tablet)
  • UX planners – the person who makes sure that getting around your website is as smooth, quick, and intuitive as possible
  • SEO professional – they’re the people who plan the overall content of the website, make sure that the website conforms to Google’s current standards, and begins a strategy of building links into your website.

Although we are very happy to just re-write your website, we would strongly recommend that you consider this as the start of a minimum 12 month investment in your online presence.

We will propose to you a series of blogs and articles to be posted on your site once or twice a week to further build up your site’s credibility to Google.

Ask us about developing an SEO plan for your practice when you call us.

We believe that businesses and entrepreneurs have a much better chance of achieving the maximum level of success which they’re capable of when they have an experienced and trusted accountant working with them.

We see accountants as vital partners to British businesses and, to get this point across, we use simple, positive, and engaging language which demonstrates the value of your services.

Yes. Your involvement in the project is critical for its eventual success.

When building websites for accountants, there are a number of milestones which need to be achieved initally from agreeing a design template on all different devices and a plan for which pages will be written.

Once the “back end” work is done, each newly written page will be sent for your approval. As with all creative work done through More Than Words, we keep on working on each piece until we get “sign off” from you.

You are in control at all times of the development of your new website.

Yes. Please get in touch with us for more information.

If you’re building a brand new website or if you want to refresh your existing site with SEO-friendly, engaging, response-driven text in plain English, get in touch with us and share with us the business goals you wish to achieve by doing this.

To talk with us, please call 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.

We plan, design, write, build and host search-engine-optimised accountant websites

If you choose us, you’ll be working with one of the most experienced teams in the UK providing websites for accountants.

To be of the greatest value to your practice, your website needs to be easily found by prospective clients and be easily indexable by Google.

The content on your website needs to be of a high-enough quality so that every page on it has the best chance of being ranked highly on Google’s first search engine results pages.

We work with practices across the UK and we provide them with search-engine-friendly website copy on every page which their visitors understand, appreciate, bookmark, and respond to.

In addition to the lead accounting writer, the team working on your website includes:

  • designers with the ability and vision to create elegant, attractive designs which look great and load quickly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles,
  • SEO planners with the experience needed to make your website as visible as possible to prospective clients when they’re searching for information, and
  • UX (user experience) consultants who ensure that it’s easy for visitors to find the information they need when they’re at your site.

And to make sure your website continues to rank highly on Google…

More than that, if you agree to work with us past the writing (and design) of your website to provide you with regular, high-quality, 1,500-word+ accountant blogs, you’ll be found by even more people in the market for your services now or in the near future.

Only a small proportion of your potential clients will search for an accounting firm before they search for an answer to a particular issue they’re facing.

A director will likely search for a phrase like “salary dividend split” before they search for “accountant near me”.

Work with us to provide content to your site which reflects and adapts to the way potential clients actually use the internet.

Contact us today to find out more about our website copy, website design and hosting, and our accountant blogging service.

Contact our accounting website team for more information

Whether your practice…

  • operates from one office serving a specific community,
  • has multiple branches serving an entire region, or
  • has a much larger geographical footprint through a network of locations

…the accountants’ websites we create will be found by potential clients in the areas and sectors you’re targeting.

Please call us, email us, or fill out the contact form and let us know the results that you want your new website to achieve.

We’re open during office hours between Monday and Friday.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you can email our marketing for accountants team by clicking here.

We’re based in North Shields town centre if you want to come and visit us. There’s lots of free parking outside and we’re only three minutes’ walk away from North Shields Metro station.

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Find out more about our websites for accountants service

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    Website for accounting firm – interesting links and more information

    There are some great articles online about how accountants can better exploit the advantages of a well-constructed website and the shift to inbound marketing.

    Five of the best examples we’d like to share with you are:

    We produce over 2,000 pieces of content for accountants every year and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you on the content of your website.

    Interested in online digital marketing for accountants? Ask us when you speak to us about the range of services we offer including the creation of online marketing materials for accountants which can be shared by email, on social media, and via messaging apps.

    Please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can email us by clicking here.