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Is investing in social media for dentists a sensible allocation of your practice’s marketing budget?

Definitely – you can see that by the number of practices which now invest in well-maintained and regularly-updated social media accounts of their own.

The best dentist social media accounts:

  • share important advice on dental hygiene with their patients,
  • showcase their higher-value aesthetic dentistry services, and
  • introduce patients to your practice and the professionals working in it.

The two main issues stopping more dental practices from making the most from social media are that:

  1. social media takes time, effort, and an ability to constantly create fresh content of interest to your followers and
  2. dentists don’t have a lot of time and, after a busy day, it’s often impossible to summon up the energy required to create and post fresh content.

Let More Than Words do it for you instead.

Further down this page, you can read all our thoughts about social media in the dental industry and the ways to connect with higher-spending local patients.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know about the features and benefits of our service, please see directly below.

Our social media for dentists service

We offer two social media marketing services for dentists – social media profile creation and social media management.

For the social media profile service, we create your personal and practice profiles for each of the social media platforms you want to be on.

With your profile, we present you and your practice’s procedures and aesthetic treatments in a compelling, benefits-led, and engaging way with your target audience.

We want your profiles to encourage interaction from the people who see them – whether that’s messaging you directly or simply following you.

We focus on the copy used in the profile, the photo and banner design used, and the privacy settings in particular to make your profiles easy to find.

Our social media management service is intended to:

  • develop you and your practice’s online branding (visual and linguistic),
  • promote your practice, its staff, its procedures, and its treatments clearly and effectively through the creation and sharing of high-quality, subject-specific content,
  • increase the number of existing and prospective clients following you online through paid for and organic marketing campaigns, and
  • convert as many of your online followers as possible into new enquiries or direct bookings.

We’ll also create downloadable and shareable material for paid-for campaigns and for your followers to share with their friends and relatives.

Find out more about effective social media for dentists

Please get in touch with us to let us know about your practice, the types of procedures you’d like to perform more of, and the catchment areas you service.

To find out more about social media and the most effective digital marketing strategy for dentists, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

The benefits of investing in targeted social media campaigns

Gaining a distinct competitive advantage for your practice

According to recent research, the UK dental market is now worth over £7 billion.

Many practices are using social media to compete for new patients and to retain their current ones.

The size of the market is enormous and social media offers dental practices a significant opportunity to improve market share in their local area and to promote their higher-value services.

Many dentists however are still not utilising the power of social media marketing.

By not having a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and the other main platforms, they’re bypassing the ever-increasing number of people turning to social media to search for dentists and dental treatments in their catchment areas.

Whether it’s…

  • informative, keyword-optimised blog posts,
  • short and catchy Tweets,
  • attractive infographics,
  • targeted social media advertising,
  • downloadable e-books or
  • even audio and video files

…our social media service for dentists service increases the visibility of your practice and its treatments to your target audiences.

Is social media for dentists a sales or marketing channel?

Social media has the power to generate predictable and regular streams of incoming high-quality new enquiries:

  • for registering with your practice and
  • on the treatments offered by your practice.

However, its primary function is as a marketing rather than a sales platform.

So, when writing your content, we ensure that we mix “telling” with “selling”.

Followers respond to but don’t engage as much with sales-driven content than they do with informative content.

If we promote your services overtly too much, this may actually cause the number of people following you to decline.

The benefits of social media marketing

Social media marketing takes a lot of effort to get right.

To achieve a worthwhile return on investment, you have to spend time creating posts as well as all the supporting materials which goes with them.

And we’re not even factoring in time you’ll spend replying to comments and enquiries.

Building momentum is often a frustrating process for practices setting up their social media campaigns for the first time – from knowing which social platforms to establish a presence on and building sizeable follower bases on each platform.

However, when you do get it right, social media is a cost-effective way of…

  • attracting new customers,
  • satisfying existing ones, and
  • positioning your practice as the leading practice

…in the areas you serve.

Use social media to provide useful dental information and advice as well as information about your practice and your followers will see content from you everyday.

Did you know that 75% of people choosing a supplier after carrying out research on social media?

This is the reason why high-quality content is invaluable when influencing patients who may be looking for a dentist online.

Creating a steady stream of incoming enquiries and appointments is our aim for your practice’s social media marketing strategy.

By creating social media content and sharing information which highlights the quality of your services, you tap further into the ever-growing and increasingly valuable dental market.

Social media posts, paid advertising, and content for dentists

Your dental media marketing posts should:

  • build mutually beneficial online connections,
  • reassure nervous patients,
  • include informative how-to guides,
  • include attractive and shareable infographics,
  • encourage customer reviews, and
  • include a mix of organic and paid-for posts.

According to research, it can take up to 13 “touches” or exposures to your practice before a patient who has seen your content feels confident and happy enough to register with your practice or book a treatment.

Your posting strategy

We make sure that every piece of marketing content your audience sees builds your dental practice’s credibility so that, when the time comes to make an appointment, they will get in touch with you.

Social media marketing is all about building a connection with your existing and prospective customer base.

The aim for any dental social media campaign should be to elicit a response in your followers by posting high-quality, informative and engaging content that encourages users to click, comment, and share your posts.

One simple but effective way to boost engagement with your audience is to create content which asks a question.

It only takes a quick glance at the comments below posts on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to see that people love an opportunity to air their opinion on any given topic.

On your social media platform, for example, you could ask a question about a patient’s dietary habits and ask what changes they might be making to improve their oral health.

Paid for social media campaigns

Paid social media advertising can cost between £10 and £50 for a lead.

It allows you to target patients based on information including their age, sex, geographic location, and interests.

Although Twitter isn’t as effective for generating paid leads as Facebook or Instagram, it’s still a great tool for marketing your dental practice and building your brand.

Depending on the types of followers you’re targeting, on Twitter you can reach between 5,000 to 10,000 potential patients for as little as £20.

Of the three main social media platforms, Twitter is the least effective for lead generation but it offers real advantages for brand building.

Depending on the types of follower you want to connect with, you can reach 5,000 to 10,000 targets with your message on Twitter for as little as £20.

More Than Words carries out both organic and paid-for social media advertising campaigns for our dental clients.

Social media for dentists – frequently asked questions

It’s important to remember that social media is a marketing and PR platform and not a sales tool.

Social media won’t lead to sales directly but it will help you build and develop invaluable relationships with prospective customers.

Social media, therefore, is a useful way of creating interest in joining your practice and enquiring about the treatments you offer over an extended period of time.

When the time comes for a patient to take action like book an appointment or ask for more details on a specific treatment, they will be more likely to book with dental practice ahead of the competition.

Social media’s greatest strength is its proven ability to keep your practice in the minds of both existing and potential patients.

With the exception of Twitter, where you can achieve a better return of investment by posting more frequently, typically you should only post once a day on networks including Facebook and LinkedIn unless you’re replying to customer enquiries.

Your social media posts should be informative, insightful and engaging.

The more informative, insightful, and engaging your contnent, the more likely it is to be shared increasing the value and reach of your post.

Posts whose primary aim is to sell, meanwhile, are less likely to be shared and they should be used more sparingly to promote time-limited offers to patients.

Our in-house team of marketing managers and copywriters have significant experience in creating high-quality content for your social media channels.

From short and snappy Tweets to insightful Facebook posts and case studies, we will work with you to produce engaging and shareable content that works alongside your existing marketing efforts.

As well as social media posts themselves, we can also help you create materials to offer your patients as digital downloads as well as e-newsletters and website content.

Yes – we can create content for your Instagram profile.

Instagram is a primarily visual medium on which you can show before/after photos of patients, give patients a glimpse into your practice and who works there, and establish an online personality for your practice.

Many UK dental practices now use Instagram and we believe that, behind Facebook, it is the most important platform for your practice to have a presence on.




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    Social media for dentists – interesting links and more information

    With social media marketing becoming an ever-significant part a business’ digital marketing strategy, dental practices looking to drive engagement, boost footfall and increase sales can’t afford to ignore power of social media.

    A structured and prospect-led content strategy will see dentist’s benefit from a regular stream of incoming enquiries in both the short- and long-term.

    If you’d like to carry out some more research into the impact of social media marketing for dental practices before getting in touch with us for your own personalised plan, we’ve highlighted six handy articles below.

    From optimising your profile to planning your posting content & schedule, it’s important to have a clear goal from the start and to commit your dental practice to social media marketing for at least six months.

    We’d love the opportunity to discuss your social media marketing campaign – please contact one of our social media account managers on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.