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Well-written, high-quality, SEO-focused investment articles and marketing by experienced writers

Each More Than Words’ investment writer produces compliant, confident, accurate, results-focused, and relatable content for our clients.

We specialise in writing content primarily targeted towards investors themselves – from sophisticated investors to retail investors.

For us, clarity in expression and the use of a compelling narrative is essential in achieving our clients’ commercial goals.

This means that every piece of content we create for you tells a story and it has a clear beginning, a middle, and an end with a strong call to action.

This is the best way to highlight the opportunities offered by an investment proposal.

We have particular skill and expertise in writing for alternative investments with:

  • specific reference to mini-bonds, loan notes, and property bonds, and,
  • passion investing (our clients are on page 1 of Google for that…more than once)

Some of the companies which have recently worked with a More Than Words investment writer

Our investment writers have written a variety of different types of content for the following well-known firms:

  • Elite Investor Club
  • Azurite Property Ltd
  • Global Water Group (IH20)
  • Planet of Finance
  • Somers Partnership
  • Parker & Corcoran
  • Sirias Energy
  • Hunter Jones
  • Prosperity Global
  • IPF Digital
  • Prime Capital
  • Clifton PF

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From high-quality article & blog writing to website design and social media to outbound email marketing campaigns, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you to find out more about your organisation and the opportunities it offers investors.

To get in touch with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or click here to email us.

Our investment writing services for clients

Superior, persuasive investment copywriting backed up by our own research and belief in your product

For each client, the investment writer we partner you with carries out a lot of research prior to getting started on the collateral they create for you.

To us, a full and complete understanding of the opportunities you’re offering investors is key to our being able to communicate those advantages clearly and successfully.

We’ve produced a range of marketing materials for one client whose firm is run by one of Britain’s most successful investors.

We compiled the most in-depth set of statistics and comparisons for the Monaco property market over the period of 2008-2018 for another client.

This research has since been extensively used in the online materials we’ve produced for them as well as the company’s information memorandums to potential investors.

For one retail investment opportunity, we created their website, their retail brochure, and even a telesales script including objection handles on how to deal with enquirers who had left their details for follow-up.

Our investment writers sell things…

What is an investment writer? What does an investment writer do here at More Than Words?

The role we play in the work we do for clients is that we see primarily ourselves as marketeers born and raised.

We’re not legal eagles.

That’s the one thing we don’t do…the legal bits in information memorandums or similar documents.

Let us do the selling words and your legal team do the legal words.

We love to sell.

But we’re acutely aware of the need to balance the enthusiasm we have for your investment product with the caveats that your compliance manager and team rightly demands.

Compliance requirements can make communication with potential clients (especially retail) difficult.

It’s our job to overcome these communication challenges so that your audience is in tune with your way of thinking.

For each client, our work is original and we use a tone of voice bespoke to you.

We can only create the highly persuasive and credible copy we create because, when we’re working for you, we put ourselves in the minds and the hearts of your target investors.

When we get that right, then we can produce content which:

  • is fine-tuned to your target investor markets and
  • meets your commercial objectives and revenue targets.

…but how will your investment writer describe your opportunity to your target audience?

Investors look for diversification and they look for safety.

In a world of low interest rates, investors know that they have to accept risk to make higher returns.

However, the introduction of risk also means that “return of money” often becomes just as important as “return on money”.

When we put ourselves solely in the minds of the investors you’re targeting, we write to satisfy and address their investment hopes and we know that we must constructively confront and address their fears.

This type of writing is all about “them” and not about “you”.

Most of the writing we do for clients is for distribution on the Internet – whether we’re writing articles, product pages, websites, or information brochures.

What questions are investors asking Google right now?

  • “where can invest my money”
  • “where can invest in bitcoin”
  • “can invest in gold”
  • “can invest in share market”
  • “how and where to invest 50k”
  • “where to invest when stocks are overvalued”
  • “where to invest my money without risk”
  • “where to invest with inverted yield curve”
  • “where to invest to get monthly returns”
  • “where to invest with Brexit”

Initially, we write articles to reflect the current mood of potential investors by answering questions like these.

In your content, we’ll not only mention your investment, we’ll also compare it to other options open to them.

We’ll emphasise the importance of portfolio diversification and keeping some money back in cash.

To build a wider audience for your website and to improve its search engine rankings, we then write similar generic investment articles in your company’s name for third-party websites.

We have established relationships with many well-known and respected sites.

Posting content on third-party websites has the added benefit of providing links back to your site which will increase the likelihood of your own website being found by investors when they’re searching online.

After writing a series of articles about investment in general, we then start to focus on writing compliant, engaging, and response-driven content for your website (which we also seek to guest post on other sites) about your opportunity.

If you were promoting property bonds, for example, we would write articles on the questions people are asking including:

  • “are property bonds safe”
  • “are property bonds a good investment”
  • “what are property bonds”
  • “how do property bonds work”
  • “what does property bond mean”
  • “should I invest in property bonds”

With compliance at the front and centre of our minds, we would then write in-depth 1,500-2,000-word articles answering each of these questions.

As with all of our content, it would follow a logical narrative structure with a start, a middle, and an ending.

For additional search-engine optimisation, we would look to link to up to 10 high-authority third-party articles in your pieces and we’d include a number of different supporting images for your article (fully branded – just send us your brand guidelines).

All of the articles we produce would link to the page on which investors leave their details as well as having on-the-page calls to action to contact you by phone or email.

Once you have their details…

As well as producing the content to draw potential investors in, let us work on your follow-up sales material including:

Promoting your investments to investment managers, wealth managers, and family offices by GDPR-compliant email marketing

Many of the investment companies we have worked with specifically target investment managers, wealth managers, and family offices.

While family offices are a lot harder to reach than investment managers and wealth managers because of their secrecy and their reliance on doing business with people they already know, what combines all of them is a need to thoroughly research a proposition prior to investing.

We work with some of the UK’s largest GDPR-compliant B2B email database providers so we’re able to introduce your investment opportunity to thousands of investment managers and wealth managers.

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