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We offer a full range of social media marketing services

Why choose a social media marketing agency to exploit the opportunities offered by LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms instead of doing it yourself?

Because social media demands so much time and creative effort from you, particularly in the early days.

For many, it can be difficult to justify the amount of energy and money spent on social media over the first few months because it always takes a while to start seeing results.

In addition, the majority of firms report that they’re unsure which social media marketing tools and approaches they should be using.

Social media is worth the effort though – 97% of all SMEs now use it to attract new business.

Social media marketing is momentum marketing – you have to keep pushing the rock up to the top of the hill but, when you get there, the results you achieve can be even better than the other approaches you’re using to find new business.

You can gain an audience of hundreds or thousands of followers and be seen every day in their news feeds with a successful social media marketing campaign.

If that sounds interesting and you’re short of time, let us do the work for you.

Our social media marketing agency services

Social media profile creation – let our copywriters and designers help you sell yourself and your company better on LinkedIn and other platforms with optimised personal and business profiles

Social media management – our full service including social media profile creation, planning and uploading of posts and attached visual media, targeting of specific audiences, and the creation of downloadable/shareable content and website landing page.

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We have years of experience in representing businesses on social media across a very wide range of different sectors.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about what it is that you want social media to deliver to your company.

To speak with one of our account managers, please call us on 0330 010 3495 or email us at

Do you have your own social media strategy but you want help with the production of downloadable and shareable content? Please ask us about our content marketing services when you call.

Our social media marketing strategy

Understanding social media marketing and how to use it

The key to creating a significant and ongoing return from social media marketing relies on the production and distribution of high-quality content which addresses:

  • the experiences of your clients with and without your products and services,
  • the value that your products and services add to your clients’ lives and businesses, and
  • the concerns that potential clients may have about your company and its products and services which could prevent a purchase from being made.

Your social media marketing plan need to constantly provide followers with:

  • something they want to read,
  • something they don’t know already, and
  • valuable insights and knowledge they can action if they want to.

Our copywriters, designers, and planners develop long-term content production and distribution strategies designed to generate engagement with and interaction from their target audiences.

We create an online approach and plan bespoke to your business based on the results you want social media marketing to deliver.

The four approaches our experienced social media marketing team uses for clients

More Than Words’ in-house social media team are experienced in the creation of…

  • personal and company profiles which make you and the products and services you sell easily findable by potential clients,
  • engaging and compelling posts intended to attract the types of followers you’re interested in and which build your credibility to them, and
  • downloadable and shareable content allowing you to capture potential clients’ contact details when on social media or when at your website.

1. Strategies to build a loyal follower base of target customers

One of the advantages of traditional direct marketing is that you only spent time and money targeting the audiences most likely to need your products and services.

Social media marketing offers your company the same opportunity.

Better still, posts containing your insights, demonstrating your knowledge, and sharing information your audience finds useful appears automatically on the newsfeeds of your target markets every day on most platforms.

Before we launch your social media marketing campaign, we thoroughly research:

  • your company,
  • your products and services,
  • who your prospective customers are with a particular focus on your most profitable markets,
  • what motivates potential customers to buy your products and services as well as what might deter them, and
  • your company’s place in the wider market.

What we find in our research then informs the choice of strategies we employ to find the people and business owners you want to connect with.

2. Use our writers, designers, and campaign planers with experience across 400 different business sectors

Our lead copywriter has worked on marketing campaigns for over 17,000 clients across 400 different sectors.

On our team are copywriters who create the highest-quality, most informative, and response-generating content marketing campaigns for our clients’ specific lines of business.

Our creative team write and design to a posting schedule devised by our marketing campaign planners.

The schedule they use is designed to provide followers with a mix of “telling” and “selling” messages.

No one will stay subscribed to your social media account if all they receive from you is a daily advert.

With “telling” messages, we share insights, news, market commentary, and more – actionable information your followers will appreciate.

With “selling” messages, we share the main benefits of your products and services, quotes from satisfied clients, case studies, and more.

Accompanying all of your posts is a branded and informative image, chart, or graph – posts with imagery benefit from far higher engagement with followers.

3. Organic and paid for techniques to start productive conversations and generate strong leads from prospects

Most of the work we do on social media for clients is based on the creation of high-quality and actionable content whose purpose is to increase the number of people and companies following you.

We also manage, plan, and create marketing materials for paid for social media campaigns.

We encourage every client to allocate some of their marketing budget to paid-for social media campaigns.

Paid-for campaigns are much more effective in capturing client contact details and generating strong leads than organic (non-paid for) campaigns.

We create e-books, white papers, brochures, and more to generate meaningful and quality enquiries from your paid-for social media campaigns – these are proven techniques to significantly improve engagement levels on social media.

4. Track your progress with our social media marketing monthly analytics

Measuring tangible returns from social media is still difficult – especially since the introduction of GDPR.

Each month, we’ll provide you with details on:

  • how many people your messages have reached,
  • how many new likes and followers you have generated, and
  • interaction levels with both organic and paid for campaigns.

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    Social media marketing agency – interesting links and more information

    More Than Words social media marketing team brings together our copy writers, designers, programmers, and campaign managers.

    Our aim is to develop and then to maintain your and your company’s social media presence so that it generates interest, interaction, and engagement over the long term providing a reliable stream of leads and enquiries.

    This may be the first time your company has used a social media marketing agency.

    We have put together a list of six helpful articles including the latest social media marketing tips from like minds within the industry which explain the most successful approaches to using this new advertising channel – many of these approaches form part of our client strategy too.

    Please call us on 0330 010 3495 or you can click here to email us.

    Share with us your short- and medium-term marketing and sales goals for your company and we’ll come back to you with a fully-costed plan with milestones showing what we believe that we can achieve for you.